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Frequently asked questions in this topic:

Am I allowed to print anything I want? reserves the right to reject or cancel orders for any reasons including hate speech, illegal materials, sexual contents, etc. are not responsible for any unlawful acts involving copyrights and trademarks. It is the responsibility of customers to ensure all materials sent to do not violate the laws.

How do I cancel my order?

In general, your order is processed immediately after it is received. Therefore, you may not cancel your order and may not receive a refund after you approve the proof.
Cancelling an order before uploading files or before a proof is sent costs 300 baht.
Cancelling an order after the quality of your files is checked or after a proof is sent costs 700 baht.
To cancel, call 039-351678 or 039-313144 (customer relation)

What is your return and refund policy?

Please report defects and breaks caused by shipments within 10 days from the date of shipment. Costs related to delivery will not be refunded, except if your packages are lost or delayed. Defects and printing issues in the work will be reproduced and re-delivered to you without additional costs. reserves the right to decide if it is a defect or not.
Please contact customer services at 039-351678 or 039-313144 during working hours.

For how long do you keep my graphic files?

Your original graphic files, pre-printing samples and proofs will be kept in our server for 12 months from the day you place your order.

What is your editing policy?

We strive to offer the best customer services. Our quality checking team will adjust and edit your files after discussing the change with you. We need your approval to edit your work.

Will I be informed about any change in your policy? may change, alter, add or partly remove the policy at any time and it takes effect immediately after announced, unless stated otherwise.

Will I get my files back?

We do not send files and materials back, if not requested. Please call our customer relation team at 039351678 or 039313144 during working hours to discuss about it. You are solely responsible for all delivery costs. All the materials including plates, negative films and CDs, still remain the properties of

What is your marketing and promotional policy?

All customers agree to our policy and allow to publish part or complete work and related materials for sales and marketing purposes. They may be featured in newspaper, on the internet, the TV and other electronic devices.
If you do not want your work to be featured, please send us a written statement to
Marketing Team