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Learn how to track your order, about delivery information and adjust your option.
Frequently asked questions in this topic:

How long does an EMS post take to deliver my work?

In general, an EMS post takes 2 – 4 days. Our companies are in both Bangkok and Chanthaburi, so delivery time depends on where your work is produced. However, we cannot adhere to your request to have your work printed at a certain location because of the “gang-run” technique and the differences in capacity of each cite. Nevertheless, we try to print your work at a location that is closest to the delivery address in order to reduce delivery time.

How can I calculate my delivery time?

If your order has a guarantee that it will be delivered within 2 days, your finished work will be shipped within 2 days after you approve the proof. Thus, if your order is placed on Monday and the proof is approved on the same day, your work will be printed on Tuesday and shipped on Thursday.

How do I change my delivery options?

Please contact to change your delivery options.

How do I get my tracking number?

Your order number is your tracking number.

Is it possible to deliver my work to a PO box?

Most printed work is heavy and the package size and the number of packages may not fit a PO box. Therefore, we cannot ship to a PO box.

Is it possible to deliver my job to various addresses?

Yes, you can ship your work to more than one address. This can be requested when you place an order. In the delivery section, you will be asked to indicate where you want to ship your work to. Tick “more than one address” and then click “next”. You will be prompted to fill in the addresses in order to calculate your shipping costs.

Can I pick up my work by myself?

Because we locate in two different sites: Bangkok and Chanthaburi, please contact to check where your work is before dropping in.

When placing many orders at the same time, can you ship them together to reduce delivery cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot pack and ship them together. This is to comply with our ship-within-2-day policy. We may not wait for all of your work to be finished before starting the shipment if we ever abide by the guarantee.
Please note that placing different orders to one single address will not reduce the shipping cost.

Can you deliver to another country? is able to ship work to almost all places around the world using DHL’s Worldwide Express services. You can check the cost of using the service by going to delivery cost page. Give details about your work including its size and amount. Then click “international” and type in the address to check the price.

What is a blind shipment?

A blind shipment is your work is delivered to your customer directly instead of sending it to your address first. By doing this, your customer will understand that the work has been done by you. Plain boxes with no advertisement and promotions from will be used in all blind shipments.