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Learn about invoices, pricing for non-standard printing and payment options.
Frequently asked questions in this topic:

I cannot find information about delivery costs anywhere in the website. For example, how much will it costs to ship 500 copies of business cards?

If you cannot find information about delivery cost, it means we have not completed the page yet. Please contact us for more information until we finish the delivery section.

Does the price of invitation or congratulations card printing include envelopes?

The price for envelopes is different and not included in the price of card printing. The price depends on the size and the amount of your order.

Do you have a special discount for placing different orders at the same time?

We are sorry but we do not have a special price for placing different orders at the same time.

Do you offer special price for an agent and/or trading partner?

We are open and would like to work with new partners and agents. The amount of benefits and the requirements for our partners and agents are generous. For more information, please call 0868488533 to speak to our customer relation team.
Your benefits include:
  • Wholesale price, which is lower
  • Lower delivery cost because of shipping a lot of jobs at the same time
  • Easy-to-use website and ordering procedures
  • Work sent to customer directly without revelation of our name
  • Separate delivery: one to your customer and the other to you
  • Customers with larger orders may be allowed to extend the payment due date
  • Support from partnership teams