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Get support when placing an order and learn about the options available for you as well as tracking your order.
Frequently asked questions in this topic

Is it possible to request a receipt before proofing?

Of course, every order need prior payment. Because our production is fast, please be aware that we only accept bank transfer payments.

How do I order different jobs at the same?

To avoid confusion, please place a separate order for a different job. For instance, you would like to get 3 different designs of 11”x17” brochures. Please place 3 different orders. Obviously, the price of one design (3000 brochures) is not the same as the price of 3 designs (1000 brochures each).

- What should I do if I want to adjust my order after placing it or approving the proof?

We need your approval statement for every change you would like to make after placing an order. You may change the number of copies, the delivery option or the delivery address by go to request a change page.
Please note that certain details of your order cannot be changed after that aspect has been done. For example, you may not change the number of copies after your work has been printed.

- Where can I check when my work will be delivered?

You can check the status of your order by simply fill in your order number in the “order status” field. It will return the current state of your work.

Can I place an order and let my designer upload files separately?

When placing an order, select “I will let another person upload my files”. An email that includes the order number and the link to the upload page will be sent to this person. When you finish, click “place my order” and you will then receive a confirmation email that includes your order number. Send this number to your designer to let that person upload your files using our FTP. You designer needs your order number to upload files. This helps us match files with the right order.

Is it possible to place a smaller order than listed?

We are sorry but the minimum order listed on our website is the lowest possible number. You may not order fewer than specified.

Can change the number of copies after placing my order?

You may change the amount of order and other options in your order until you approve our proof because after this your work will be sent directly to printers. You may not change anything at this point except your delivery choice.

If I request my work to be sent to my customer directly, is it possible for me to get a sample delivered by post?

After placing an order online, please contact us at Remember to include your order number, your name and the address where you want the sample to be sent to in all correspondents. All samples are sent by normal post.

Do I get a discount if I order the same thing again?

Definitely, but please note that the discount from placing a small order several times is lower than the discount from placing one large order. To re-order, simply go to our price list page and then place your order. Please type in the number of copies and other details as normal. In the delivery section, select “re-order the previous job number # ... “. Include your previous order number after #. Fill in the invoice address and the delivery option. We will send you a proof again to check that we are reproduce the right job.

How can I check my proof?

Just fill in your order number in the order status box in the top of every page of our website and click GO! If your order is in the proofing process, it will return a link in which you can view and approve the proof.

How long will I receive my finished work?

Most work is shipped within 4 days after you approve the proof online. Please check specific pages for the length of production.

- Do you have delivery services?

We offer various delivery options including normal post, EMS post, and delivery by a private company, a public van and a state coach. Please check the costs of each option on our webpage. Should you need to arrange a delivery option not mentioned above, please contact

Is it possible to get my finished work earlier?

Out standard services are fast. Most work is shipped within 4 days after you approve the proof online. If you need to receive your work earlier, please select express delivery services or upgrade your delivery option.​