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  • Tonchabub printing services of all kinds. With four color offset.
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Why are your prices so cheap?

There are many reasons why can offer very low prices. Our operations and management system are systematically controlled by the-state-of-art and world class computer system. Our operators are experts in the fields. Almost all of our machines throughout the production line are automatic and perfectly compatible with our management system. When similar orders are placed, we produce them all together at the same time using a powerful machine. This is called “gang-run”. It greatly reduces costs that involve archetypes and printer settings. Moreover, our small printers also use world-class technology. These are employed with small orders that cannot be combined with other orders in a “gang-run” production. It allows us to finish the order on time. Because we carry out all the processes by ourselves, we can greatly reduce labour cost. This contributes to lower prices.
We aim to keep our prices low all the time. Unsurprisingly, sometimes you will notice that our 4-colour, 2-side printing services are even lower than other printing companies’ 4-colour, 1-side printing services.