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Learn about proofing options, creating a proof, and checking and approving a proof.
Frequently asked questions in this topic:

Can I change my proof option?

Yes, your proofing option may be changed. Please contact our customer relation team at or 039-351678, 039-313144.

Can I get a proof?

Our proof will be printed on paper only for book, catalogue and calendar jobs. This is to ensure correct page sorting, page alignment, text styles and corner rounding. Please note that all proofs have low resolution and no lamination, so are not ideal for colour and paper matching.
Paper proof will be sent to you by EMS post without additional costs. You will then be able to check and approve it by logging in to My Account. Your work will then be sent to printers.
Please note that book, catalogue and calendar production of more than 3000 copies will take longer than specified due to the binding process and the complexity of the work.

What should I do to change my proof after seeing it?

Please reject the proof and upload new files using our FTP. Always include your order number. We will create another proof for you to check and approve.

How long do you take to produce a proof?

We are different from other printing companies because we guarantee that your proof will be ready for viewing within 2 days. This depends on the circumstance also. Please visit our 2-day guarantee page for more details.
You will receive the proof by email after uploading PDF, JPG, TIF, BMP or flattened PSD via our FTP, which is accessible by both Mac and PC and does not require software download.
The proof will be sent to printers immediately after approval.
If your order is placed after 1800 or during our closing times or on a public holiday, please beware that this may lengthen the time we produce and plan your time accordingly. Orders placed after 1800 will be processed on the next working day and the production time (proofing, printing, delivery, etc.) is from this point onwards.