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  • Tonchabub printing services of all kinds. With four color offset.
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Printing process

Our printing of leaflets, flyers, cards, calendars, books and journal is divided into 3 processes:
Pre-press process where your design is in digital form
- Transformation into digital data: most of the time your design is in digital form. In some cases, your design is a drawing on paper. This needs to be scanned before printing can begin.
- File checking: to avoid any mistakes, we may check the accuracy your files after receiving them. We check if all the photos appear and if there is enough space for cutting. We use First Proof Pro to do this.
- Page sorting for plate making: one offset plate can accommodate many jobs. For example, 20 designs of 1 sided cards or 10 designs of 2 sided cards can be placed on a plate.
Press/ Printing Process
After Press Process