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Production length

Learn about production time, the guarantee of, and the meanings of different order status.
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What are the meanings of each status?

After placing an order, you may log in at any time to check the status of your order. You will see one of the following displayed:
Payment required
Your order is awaiting a payment.
Production scheduled
We have received your order and payment and are waiting for your files.
Preparing to print
Our team is preparing your work for printing and you will receive your proof soon.
New proof
A new proof has been sent to your email for you to consider once again.
Proof approved
You have approved your proof and your work is now ready to be printed.
Your work has been sent to printers.
Your work has been stopped due to a fault in your files.
Your work has been printed successfully.
Your work has been sent out and you can track it using your order number.
You work has been successfully cancelled.