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กล่อง A6

A6 Carton

open size 9.20 cm. x 13.60 cm.

กล่อง A5

A5 Carton

open size 13.60 cm. x 19.70 cm.

กล่อง A4

A4 Carton

open size 19.70 cm. x 29.0 cm.

กล่อง A3

A3 Carton

open size 29.0 cm. x 40.60 cm.

กล่อง B4

B4 carton

open size 25.40 cm. x 35.50 cm.

With world-class technology that we are currently using, we are able to offer effective, fast, cheap and all-in-one services including package designing, graphic designing, product modelling, and actual production. There is no minimum order; we are always happy to help whether the order is just one or hundred thousand boxes.
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Designs: we are expert in creating packages according to your need. We have thousands of designs for you to choose.

Size: tiny boxes? Massive boxes? We can manage them all.

Paper: there are a variety of types, thickness, and decorations for you to choose. Our experts will assist you in selecting the right paper for your packages.

Special decorations: embossing, area-specific gloss lamination, metallic foil, die-cut shapes are available.

Product samples: we offer you the opportunity to view the model of your boxes in 3D as well as the actual samples that can be used for real.

1+ no minimum

Freepackage designing

Product samples available prior production

Zund Digital Diecutter

One item order possible

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